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Device Drivers Ray Gwinn's comm drivers for OS/2, V1.60d.
SIO.SYS and VSIO.SYS are replacements of the OS2 communications drivers COM.SYS and VCOM.SYS which come with OS/2. VX00.SYS provides FOSSIL and virtual 16550 support for DOS programs SIO can be ordered to supporting any number of ports. Vmodem now has both inbound and outbound Telnet. FOSSIL driver (DOS) over TCP/IP rlogin/telnet protocols. Version 1.2
Requires external TCP/IP stack (i.e. Crynwr Packet Drivers)!
BinkD related files
This is a pure ip-mailer, which runs on a Binkley-style outbound and utilizes its own protocol structure.
binkdman.zipHtml-Manual for BinkD,
Online at Nick's site
binkd092.zipBinkD 0.92 source archive
binkd092.cfgSample config for BinkD 0.92
bd092dos.zipBinkD 0.92: executable for DOS
binkd2.zipBinkD 0.92: OS/2 executable (stand-alone)
binkd2e.zipBinkD 0.92: OS/2 executable (requires EMX)
binkdFBinkD for Free BSD
binkdLEBinkD for Linux (ELF)
binkd95-ds.zipBinkD for Windows 95
binkdnt-ds.zipBinkD for Windows NT
bdla.zipLogfile analyzer for BinkD
!srif.txtdescription of the srif-Format for request-processors
Move your Fido-stuff via email TransX 1.5 - Shareware Version
Use Internet email to transport your Fidonet- style mail and files in order to avoid long distance bills! Great for expanding networks. Supports most mailers: FrontDoor, D'Bridge, Binkley, PCBoard, Plantinum Xpress and *.PKT Supports almost any type of Internet service including UUCP, SMTP, gated netmail or even a regular POP3 mailbox. See our web site for a list of plug-ins. [] TxMAILER/DOS v2.5.04 Client for DOS
This module allows you to integrate "TransX" and the Internet using a regular dial-up PPP account and the SMTP/POP3 protocols. Uses a regular POP mailbox. TransX transports your Fidonet packets over the Internet to avoid long distance charges. Requires TRANSX15.ZIP TXMAILER v2.1 / 32-bit for Windows95/NT
This program allows you to integrate "TransX" with Windows 95/NT dial-up networking. Uses the SMTP/POP3 protocols to transfer packets. If you have an Internet account you can use TransX to transport your Fidonet packets over the Internet and avoid long distance charges! Requires TRANSX11.ZIP or newer. Version 2.0 adds a setup window and has other additional features. - A free add-on package for TransX!
Other Sources / Weitere Quellen Home of Argus
Full-new revolutionary Multinode BinkStyle Fidonet-Technology Mailer for Windows 95 and Windows NT, featuring Dialup (Hydra, ZModem) and TCP/IP (ifcico, telnet, binkp) transports, native 32-bit multithread processing, multinode operation, comfortable graphical user interface, powerful burn-in Outbound Manager and Nodelist Tree Browser, Fax Receiving, Powerful Event System, Scheduling. Home of Beemail
Beemail acts as Mailer for the Excalibur graphical BBS and Fidonet Tosser/Scanner for PowerBBS.
Available for Windows 3.x / 95 / NT

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